Hotel Valdštejn, Letná 76/73. Liberec - Růžodol I, 460 11.

Family-friendly hotel in Liberec? No problem

Family friendly hotel - Hotel Valdštejn Liberec (illustrative photo)

We regularly follow current events in tourism, so we have not missed that some hotels are approaching bans on accommodation for families with children and are beginning to screen their clients as in “good” old communist times.

Some have even engaged in stormy discussions with the Czech Trade Inspection Authority and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Instead of having similar pastimes, we make sure that you are satisfied with our services even in this turbulent time, when everything around us is becoming more expensive and energy suppliers are forcing us to increase the accommodation prices.

We really do not screen and judge our guests by age, social status, nationality or religion. And families with children are and always will be welcome here.

In our “menu” you will also find spacious quadruple units consisting of two smaller rooms, which are a very popular option for families with children, groups of friends and colleagues on business trips.

You can easily view them in our booking section. And stay at the Hotel Valdštejn, where we always treat you like people and customers. 🙂

We are looking forward to your visit!