Hotel Valdštejn, Letná 76/73. Liberec - Růžodol I, 460 11.

Events & Meetings

For your business meeting, wedding reception, family celebration and any social event, you can use our stylish hotel lounge with a capacity of about 25 people.

We will be happy to help you prepare the event and arrange the room that best suits your requirements. We can also lend you a projection screen (without a projector) and a stable non-magnetic flipchart for fast information writing.

For events lasting more than 4 hours or if you are staying in our hotel, we offer you major discounts on the rental price. All we must do is start the event after 11 o'clock. In the morning the lounge serves as a breakfast room for our hotel guests.

Organize a corporate event, celebration or wedding in the stylish Wallenstein lounge, where no one will disturb you.

In collaboration with the restaurant, we can also arrange catering in the form of a coffee break or a dinner for you.

If we are able to, we will help you with commissioning the imaging technology and other requirements.
What is the rental price?

The rental price of the lounge is CZK 300 (EUR 12) / hour for private and CZK 500 (EUR 20) / hour for corporate events. But very often we pull the price downwards. For events longer than 4 hours, we usually offer a major discount. The same applies to the events of our hotel guests.

I want to organize an event starting in the morning. Is it possible?

Unfortunately, it's not possible. In the morning the lounge serves as a breakfast room for our hotel guests. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the start of the event before 11 am or force our guests to go to breakfast a little earlier.

Do you have a projector for rent?

Unfortunately, we do not have our own projector, because the majority of our clients bring their own equipment. For all cases, we have a projection screen (canvas) and non-magnetic flipchart.

Is it possible to pay for the rental by a credit card?

Yes, the payment is done at the hotel reception, where it is possible to pay for all services in cash, or by VISA, MasterCard and Maestro payment cards.

Can you bill me for the rental and the catering from the restaurant on one invoice?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The hotel and the restaurant are run by two different companies. Therefore, the rental and your restaurant bills must be charged and paid separately.

Contact the reception desk

Please try to arrange all the details and requirements for catering and preparation of the lounge in advance so we can provide everything needed for your satisfaction.

We look forward to your visit!