Hotel Valdštejn, Letná 76/73. Liberec - Růžodol I, 460 11.


Our partner Restaurant Valdštejn prepares fresh dishes from Czech, Mediterranean and steak cuisine for you every day. They also specializes in organizing wedding and funeral receptions, birthday parties, corporate banquets, private parties and other social events. The restaurant is located directly in the hotel building.

For more information on the lunch menu and further meals (except breakfast), please use the direct contact to the restaurant operator:


Starters and soups

  • According to the daily menu

Main dishes

  • Lamb shank 450g Freshly prepared spinach leaves, mashed potatoes, lamb jus CZK 545
  • Black and White Steak Pork and chicken medallions, french fries, small leaf salad CZK 199
  • Chicken Strips Sweet corn, tomatoes, champignons, roasted potatoes with skins, sour milk sauce with garlic CZK 199
  • Flank Steak Beef navel (USA), very distinctive in taste and succulent CZK 425
  • Beef Fillet Steak Steak from matured tenderloin, the finest part of beef CZK 495
  • Pork Tomahawk Steak 21 days aged pork steak on a lava grill, stuffed potatoes, grilled vegetables CZK 465
  • Brewer's Beef Goulash Beef chuck roll slowly stewed in Bernard beer, homemade bread dumplings CZK 215

Side Dishes & Steak Flavouring

  • Julienne Fries CZK 55
  • Roasted Potatoes with Skins CZK 45
  • Potatoes Stuffed with Garlic Cream CZK 55
  • Bacon Bean Pods CZK 50
  • Grilled Fresh Vegetables CZK 65

Hotel and Restaurant Valdštejn are operated by two different companies, therefore the accommodation with breakfast and your restaurant bills must be charged and paid separately.

We're sorry, but our partner Restaurant Valdštejn is closed until further notice.

Breakfast is served without restrictions, every morning from 07:00 to 10:00, in our hotel lounge.

Thank you for your understanding.